Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring Electronic Design Services

Outsourcing some or all of the tasks need to develop a new product is not uncommon, even for large manufacturers. It is often lower cost, faster and more efficient to hire or outsource specific aspects of the development and manufacturing, with most companies today taking this route.

Hiring electronic design services is one of the options that a company should consider. This provides the expertise and experience needed to not only quickly produce a design, but to develop a design that meets all requirements, regulations, and standards on your timeline and for a quoted price.

In the process of hiring electronic design services, there are a few critical factors and issues that any company needs to consider. Taking the time to do some basic research on the design service and making comparisons between service providers is time well spent and a crucial consideration for getting the best possible electronic design team in place.

Confidentiality and Intellectual Property Protection

There are some electronic design services that offer a high level of protection and confidentiality on all projects they work on with companies. They offer full protection of the concept, which adds a level of security to the company to turn their innovation into an outsourced service.

Look carefully at any service and review their confidentiality and protection policies and agreements. Also, verify that the service has an unblemished record in this area.


Look for design services that have a team that specializes in electronic components and systems. There are some design services that are very vague about their expertise and experience but don’t make any assumptions about what “extensive” or “significant” may mean on a website.

Finally, it is important to stay with service providers that are a recognized and trusted name in electronic design. This makes the evaluation process much easier for the company and also provides a history of successful past projects.

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