Black Zinc Plating: Cost-Effective Protection

by | Jan 23, 2018 | Metal

Consumers demand not only high-quality products but expect reliability and durability. They want whatever they purchase to last. Manufacturers require the same from those who produce the various components for their items. At the same time, they want cost-effective solutions. Metal fabricators recognize this. In order to provide these qualities for specific components they not only suggest zinc plating, but they also advise black zinc plating.

Black Zinc Electroplating

Electroplating using zinc is a common means of improving several qualities of the substrate metal component. It provides a sacrificial protective coating. By applying it, fabricators ensure protection against corrosive elements. This increases the longevity of the product. It, therefore, reduces the cost that comes from having to replace components frequently.

However, fabricators may believe the company needs to enhance further the level of protection. The environment or setting may require this. Metalworkers may then suggest one of several available options. The companies may continue to utilize a basic zinc plating but reinforce its capabilities by using one of several options. These include:

* Gold zinc

* Blue/clear zinc

* Cobalt-zinc

* Acid zinc

* Black zinc

All potential processes do not refer to a specific type of zinc but indicate the process or method. The appearance and characteristics of gold or yellow zinc, for example, do not result from using of gold. The same applies to black zinc plating. It refers to the coating of the zinc plated substrate surface with black oxide. This extra step improves protection of the metal while making it affordable. It is a cost-effective, yet attractive means of providing basic corrosion protection.

Black Zinc Plating

When it comes to reducing production costs, manufacturing concerns turn to various money-saving methods. They strive to combine the manufacture of high-quality goods with durability, attractiveness and low production costs. By using black zinc plating on components, fabricators help them achieve these goals.

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