Imaging Tests: 3 Things You Should Know

by | Jan 24, 2018 | Health

Imaging test: definition

Doctors use this as a diagnostic tool. The procedure involves taking pictures of the systems and organs inside your body. It lets doctors see what’s going on inside. These tests include x-rays, MRI, cat-scans, CT scans and more. Ultrasounds and mammography are also included. If you’re looking for an imaging center in Orlando, you’ll want to choose one that offers these services.


An imaging exam has plenty of uses. It helps doctors detect diseases like cancer in its early stages, allowing them to provide early treatment that could make a difference and save a life. It helps rule out conditions and illnesses so doctors can accurately determine what a patient’s condition is. It also helps show the location of any tumors or growth in the body and can show if the treatments are working or not, if the tumor has shrunk or if it’s been already grown or metastasized, says the American Cancer Society.


When you keep that appointment with an imaging center in Orlando, make sure you ask them beforehand for any instructions. The general rule of thumb, though, is to make sure you tell the staff if you have implants or procedures done to you over the last few years, if you have artificial joints or vascular stents or even a pacemaker. Keep in mind that the MRI is a giant magnet. You wouldn’t want to go near one if you have metal components inside your body.


Can’t stand the thought of small confined spaces? Suffer from a terrible case of claustrophobia. Some doctors might recommend light sedation to help ease your anxiety or fear. However, you might also want to look for facilities that offer MRI machines with an open design. If you do, then that’s one less worry off your plate and the test can proceed without any problems.

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