Tips for Using a Mini Storage Unit in Baltimore

by | Apr 6, 2017 | Storage

Whether a customer is between homes, relocating or they simply don’t have room for all their belongings, a Mini Storage Unit in Baltimore can provide a convenient storage option. Once someone decides to rent a unit, they can do a few things to maximize space, protect belongings and gain peace of mind. Below are a few tips on using a mini storage unit.

Determine the Required Access Level

First, the customer should decide how much access they’ll need. Is short-notice access a concern? If so, the renter should choose a 24-hour facility. Those who don’t need all-hours access may find it easier to rent a unit in some cases.

Use Plenty of Pallets

While the floors of a storage unit are typically clean, there’s no guarantee they’ll stay that way. Renters should ensure that their belongings are kept off the floor during storage. Ground moisture can affect some possessions, particularly electronics and furniture, and the weather is unpredictable. Putting things on pallets keeps them off the ground and out of reach of rainwater or snowmelt.

Pack Vertically to Maximize Space

Larger items such as bed frames, dressers and sofas should be stored on end to use up as much vertical space as is possible. Instead of having a sectional sofa take up a significant amount of floor space, stand it on its side to free up space and make wrapping easier.

Label Everything

Although customers of a Mini Storage Unit in Baltimore know what they’re putting into a unit, details can become a bit fuzzy after weeks or months. Save the hassle of digging through unmarked containers by labeling everything that’s going into storage. Take things a bit further by writing a detailed list of stored items, with a note that lets the user know where in the unit the item is located.

Plan Ahead

Customers should carefully plan the layout and packing of their stored items. If the renter needs frequent access to certain items, those should go toward the front of the unit, and less-important items can go in the back.

Whether a customer is moving across the country or across town, moving an entire house full of belongings is a difficult endeavor. By taking the time to plan the move and by renting a storage unit from a company like S&E Mini Storage, renters can make every move easy. Browse the website for more information or call today to rent a unit.

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