6 Advantages of Buying Used Warehouse Shelving

by | May 1, 2019 | Storage

Warehouse racking is designed to function as the focal point of warehouse storage and to be sturdy and reliable. Therefore, it’s essential you choose the right system for your product and warehouse set up.

When searching for the best racks available, typically you look for warehouse racking that passes inspection, is in good condition, and meets all your warehouse’s specific requirements.

To meet these criteria, don’t reject the idea of buying used racks, especially if you are working with a limited budget. For example, you may think used shelves are not as aesthetically pleasing as new racking, but industrial shelving retailers can restore the appearance of used racks, so they look like new.

Even if you buy unrestored racks, typically the only wear and tear you’ll see in used pallet racking is scratched or chipped paint, which has no impact on the shelves’ efficiency.

Some companies provide limited warranty for certain types of used warehouse racking they sell.

Here are six specific advantages of purchasing used warehouse shelving:

1. Buying Used is Cost Effective
Buying used industrial shelving for your warehouse is a cost-effective solution. Used pallet racking sells at a fraction of the retail cost of new metal shelving.
If you take your time and shop around, you can find quality shelving that matches the durability of a new shelf.

Reducing this sort of overhead cost will allow new operations, in particular, to reduce start-up costs and increase first-year profits. By investing less money in storage; businesses benefit in the long-term.

Existing enterprises also benefit financially from buying used warehouse shelving systems to expand their warehouse storage.

2. Buying Used Improves Delivery Time
Pallet racking is more readily available used than new. When you purchase new, most retailers must order the racking from the manufacturer. This process can sometimes take weeks before it arrives at your facility.

Buying racking advertised as used means the racks are in stock and can be shipped to your location for immediate installation.

3. Buying Used Prevents Value Depreciation
Warehouse racking holds its value well as long as you maintain it correctly.
If you buy used shelving, you will not experience the 40% value depreciation the first year.

You can often recoup your investment, or most of it, assuming you maintain your used shelves, by selling them when you are ready to upgrade or move locations. Warehouse operators selling their gently used metal shelving can re-sell their shelving for a reasonable price if the time is right and the market demands it.

4. Buying Used Saves You Time on Assembly
Many used pallet racking systems will come partially assembled. This can save you considerable time in allowing you to get the racks installed and your warehouse operational quickly.

5. Easy to Inspect
If you buy from a reliable company, you can be confident that the used racks were carefully inspected and certified before selling them to you. Just like a new rack, a used rack has gone through a rigid quality control check to ensure it has the same durability and load-bearing capacity of the same style new rack.

6. It Lives Up to Its Potential
When you buy used pallet racking, for example, you know it works because it’s been able to hold heavy inventory in the past.

Final Thoughts
Although there are several advantages to buying used warehouse shelving, it is always best to speak to a professional before investing in equipment. They can help you determine which racking system is best for your needs and help you design and even install the shelving.

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