Tips for Choosing between Home Care Agencies

by | Jun 4, 2018 | Business

If you have an aging loved one who needs more care than you can reasonably provide on your own, then you need to consider working with one of the home care agencies near Severna Park, MD. The challenge here is that not all agencies offer the same range of services, and not all of them are worth your time, or capable of providing the compassionate care that your loved one needs. How do you choose the right care provider?

Licensed Nurses

If your loved one requires medical care, rather than just companion care, then you need to ensure that any home care agencies near Severna Park, MD you’re considering staff licensed, experienced nurses. Only licensed, qualified medical professionals can provide wound care, diabetes care, ostomy care and the like. If the agency cannot provide proof they staff licensed nurses, look elsewhere.

Your Responsibilities

It is important that when you compare home care agencies near Severna Park, MD, that you receive a full explanation of not just what the care provider will do, but your own responsibilities toward your loved one, and what rights your loved one has.

The Right Range of Services

You’ll find a wide range of diversity in the home care industry. Some agencies focus on companion care. Others offer medical/nursing care exclusively. Yet others focus on helping your loved one with daily living activities, or with transportation to get them to doctor’s appointments and the like. Make sure that you have a firm understanding of your loved one’s needs, and know how the agency’s list of services will serve those needs. The right range of services will increase your loved one’s quality of life, enhance their independence, and ensure they receive the right care at the right time.

Background Screenings

Understand that when you work with home care agencies near Severna Park, MD, you’ll be allowing someone new into your loved one’s life and home. It is imperative that the agency you choose conduct thorough background screenings and checks. The safety of your loved one and their belongings hinges on this.

At Capital City Nurses, we have served our clients for decades, providing compassionate companion and nurse care for patients with a wide range of needs. Our nurses are licensed, and our staff is composed of highly-screened, caring individuals. We invite you to call us today at 866-807-7307 to learn more.

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