How Fast Hand Dryers Work

by | Jun 4, 2018 | Construction & Maintenance

It should come as no surprise in this day and age that hand dryers are rapidly replacing paper towel dispensers in public restrooms everywhere. In many restrooms, there may still be the option of paper towels alongside the option for dryers, although this isn’t always the case. You may be wondering why some people still prefer paper towels, however. For some, it is because their experience with hand dryers isn’t great, as some of them can still leave the hands damp after several seconds of drying and rubbing. However, this shouldn’t be the case with some fast hand dryers on the market. Here is how they work.

Although some of the quickest dryers on the market may use more energy and be louder, technology is helping to reduce not only the energy use but also the noise output of some of the newest rapid dryers. This is because these motors lack brushes and fixed magnets that often contribute to these factors, and some have even taken out the heating element that uses extra energy. That is because, in some cases, that element may not even be necessary anymore.

Some fast hand dryers are created to push the water droplets off of your hands instead of just evaporate it, which could explain why some of them now lack heating elements. This can be achieved by making a narrower opening to push the air through, increasing the air pressure and helping it to push the droplets away. Although there can be some evaporation going on, as well, the air pressure in these units accounts for most of the drying experience.

Although not every public restroom probably has the most high-tech equipment in hand dryers, technology should be allowed for even these daily items that we take for granted to get even better with time. Soon, there may be fast hand dryers more readily available, hopefully eliminating paper towel use entirely. For more information, visit the website.

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