What is a High-Speed Hand Dryer Anyway?

A high-speed hand dryer is simply a hand dryer that completes its mission in about 10 seconds as opposed to the 30-60 seconds of conventional hand dryers. While it seems like it wouldn’t be worth purchasing one just to save some seconds, the greater efficiency provides some useful benefits.

The modern high-speed hand dryer is designed with energy efficiency in mind, so it not only uses as little electricity as possible, the extra seconds saved per person add up over time, lowering the overall cost of running the dryer. This is a great benefit for locations that have high-use restrooms, such as airports and restaurants. There is quite a bit of competition these days to see who can produce the fastest, most efficient hand dryer, and that has resulted in many high-quality products for potential buyers to choose from.

The need, or perhaps more appropriately, desire, for a good high-speed hand dryer has also arisen from the busyness of modern society. Companies that produce hand dryers as an alternative to paper towels learned early on that if the dryer took 60 seconds to dry a person’s hands and paper towels were also available, the paper towels would usually win. This began the race to produce hand dryers that could do the job just as well and just as fast as the paper towel. This has largely been accomplished, though there are still some restrooms that utilize both.

High-speed dryers do tend to be more expensive than regular models, but it’s also true that they pay for themselves over time and are a worthwhile investment, especially for high-use restrooms. Stiff competition has only increased the quality of dryers available on the market, and with new advancements in technology being made all the time, it is likely that will continue to be true well into the future. For more details, visit the website.

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