This Landscape Design In Fairfield Connecticut Is Eco-Friendly

Landscape designs can fight the environment or work with it. When Landscape Design in Fairfield Connecticut works with the local environment, choosing plants that are well-suited to the site, everything will be healthier and more able to fight off insects and diseases. Every size and type of landscape design are available with careful planning and care. A private yard or public green space can look and feel inviting with proper planting and care. Working with the local soil type, water levels, and other conditions instead of fighting them can produce better landscapes.

Landscape companies such as Northeast Horticultural Services are knowledgeable in the climate conditions in the area they service. These experts know what plants are native to the area or are well suited to the conditions the lot presents. Before choosing the plants, shrubs, and trees to put into a landscape plan, landscape experts study the conditions present on the property. What is the soil type? How much water is naturally available and what is the drainage like on the property? Are there large trees for shade or will trees need to be planted? Is the land rocky and in need of added top soil? What activities does the homeowner plan for the outdoor space? After studying the conditions and listening to the homeowner’s wishes for the lot, the landscape designer will design a unique landscape and present the plans to the homeowner for approval.

After getting approval for the landscape plan, the Landscape Design in Fairfield Connecticut company will prepare the lot and install all of the elements that will make up the landscape. Installing a landscape design involves more than planting a few trees and plants. The lot must be prepared by removing unwanted plantings or trees, grading the lot, adding topsoil, rocks, and paths, and installing irrigation systems. All plants and trees must be properly planted with fertilization and everything they need to thrive. Plants and trees can not live without proper moisture and drainage. Paths and patio areas must have the proper base to support the rocks, patio blocks, or poured concrete surfaces. A harmonious balance must be achieved for plants, shrubs, and flowers. When completed, each landscape design must be cost-efficient and practical as well as be attractive. For more information, Click Here.

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