BOTOX is the Number One Choice for Wrinkles

Unless you have gone through your life never smiling, never frowning, never laughing, then as you have grown older, you have noticed a few laugh lines and maybe a couple of other wrinkles. Nobody ever said you had to grow old gracefully though. You can go in on your lunch hour and get Botox injections and within a day or two you will see noticeable results. It is that simple. There is no anesthetic required for the procedure and is done with tiny needles.

What is in the Injections?
Botox is botulinum toxin which has uses in the medical, research, and cosmetic fields. In the medical field, it can use to treat migraines, Parkinson’s disease, and muscular dystrophy among others. When it comes to cosmetic treatments, it has the effect of paralyzing certain facial muscles for a certain length of time which can make your skin look smoother.

It is Long Lasting
A treatment generally last between two and three months so if you’re thinking of trying Botox in Miami area, say for a reunion or a wedding, if you don’t like the effects, rest assured they will go away. On the other hand, if you love the way it makes you look you will only have to go in for treatments three or four times a year. The fallacy that you will look “frozen,” is simply not true. Some people do like that look, while others prefer to look more natural. This procedure can be designed to fit your needs.

Not Just for Your Face
Do you suffer from excessive sweating from your armpits which has a name, hyperhidrosis? Botox injections can help with that as well. This may not seem like it huge problem too many, but to those who suffer from it, it can deal a huge blow to their self-confidence. If you are looking for a professional clinic provide you with Botox in Miami, you need look no further than the Avalon Medical Spa.

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