Moving – How to Simplify the Process

Congratulations! You finally bought the home of your dreams or maybe you are planning to downsize to an apartment. In any manner, your life is about the change for the better and you’ll need to pack up and move soon. Whether you decide to hire professional movers in Birmingham AL or not, you can save a lot of time and trouble if you know how to simplify the process of packing and organizing. Here are some helpful tips.

Make Two Lists

To begin with, make two separate lists. The first can be named “staying” and the second “going”. Go through the entire house and decide what stays and what goes. At first, don’t be concerned about how you dispose of things, simply decide what you are going to keep and what things are not necessary any longer.

Why make up these lists? Everything you put on the “going” list, doesn’t have to be packed or moved and it will lighten your work load (or the load on your movers in Birmingham AL) considerably.

Re-examine Your “Going” List

Once the lists are completed, go back to the “going” list and write down the best way to get rid of each item. For example, you could choose, “moving sale” “charity” or simply “trash”. Larger items can be listed online or in the newspaper classifieds.


Separate your things according to your lists. Put everything for the moving sale in one room or the garage. This could take some time and that’s why you cannot start planning too soon. The more time you have, the fewer things you’ll need to deal with and the more money you’ll have for moving.

Call the Movers in Birmingham AL

Now that you have everything organized, it will be much easier to get a moving estimate. Plus, the lighter the load, the less it will cost.

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