Carbide Wear Parts – Benefits and Applications

by | Dec 27, 2016 | Metal

Tungsten carbide consists of a combination of the carbon compound and tungsten metal. It has very durable properties which make it highly useful for the protection and strengthening of machine parts. Carbide wear parts which are made in part with tungsten carbide are very strong against corrosion and provide excellent wear resistance.

Oil and Gas Industry Applications

Manufacturers that produce and supply carbide parts also provide carbide wear parts for various industries. In the oil and gas industry, you will find these parts utilized in equipment for oil and gas pumping, drilling and exploring operations. These parts are resistant to wear and durable, which allows for long service lives of the equipment in use.

Tungsten Carbide with Wear Parts

Many wear parts contain tungsten and are used to bolster parts used in large equipment and machinery. As an example drills and large cranes utilize carbide wear as the teeth of the equipment. These strong and wear resistance elements are able to impact and break rock and very hard dirt in order to accomplish the required task without suffering undue degradation in the process.

Carbide Wear Part Examples

Wear parts made with carbide are used with various types of machinery in a range of industries. The wastewater treatment industry utilizes wear parts in addition to the oil and gas industry.

Some wear part examples include plates, tiles and parts for centrifuges. The parts required can be custom made according to the specifications provided by the vendor.

You may serve in an industry that requires parts that undergo high levels of impact and wear on a repeated basis. If so, determine if carbide wear parts are suitable for your application. These parts are highly useful and provide production operations great benefit by protecting the machines and parts that make production operate efficiently.

Search for a provider of tungsten carbide that has extensive experience in the industry and can deliver the exact product you need for your applications. With the proper application of tungsten carbide for wear parts, you can ensure that your company maintains production levels while minimizing downtime, interruptions and unnecessary costs.

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