The Roofing Contractors in Milledgeville GA Can Install A New Roof That Will Add Style And Beauty To Your Home

The roof is the largest part of the home and it can also be biggest problem the home will have. When water leaks into the attic the water will travel down the roof supports and into the interior walls of the home. The result is damage to the walls and the growth of black mold in the walls and in the attic. The indirect cause of water leaking into the home is sheathing that has rotted because the shingles are worn or are out of place.

A drip edge that is missing or out of position will allow water to run down the side of the home and into the foundation causing a serious problem over time. Foundation experts state that water coming off of the roof can result in a weakening of the foundation.

An inspection of the roof by a qualified roofing contractors in Milledgeville GA will identify all of the areas that need repair, or he will recommend that the roof be replaced if there are too many problems. Repairs can be completed in a timely manner using the latest high tech sealants and caulking. New flashing can be installed if required.

Complete tear offs will be done if a new roof is to be installed. New sheathing will replace rotted or badly damaged sheathing. The options for new roofs are more than were available even 5 years ago. Asphalt shingles are available in several styles and colors, and the style you choose will enhance the beauty of your home. The shingles available today are not only functional, but they are also made to resemble shakes and other designs. There are many types of asphalt shingles that are made by several manufacturers. Your choices are a wide variety of textures and colors. There is a shingle to fit the style of your home. There are architectural shingles which are thicker, and these add more of a contoured appearance to your roof. The roofing contractors in Milledgeville GA area will help you understand the difference in the shingles.

Some shingles reflect the heat better than other shingles and some shingles have a varied color pattern that is very attractive. Shingles designed to look like shakes are now available. Shingles with a fiberglass backing and shingles that are thicker than the ordinary shingles are available.

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