Energy Efficient Garage Doors in Novi, MI Add Savings on Savings for Homeowners

Could there be multiple ways to save when receiving Garage Doors in Novi, MI? The savings are plentiful. They go from the installation to the monthly service to the year-end tax report. The tax savings are not well-explored and offer a great little place for homeowners to save.

A 2013 report from Energy Star states that an energy-efficient garage door could reduce energy loss through the garage by about 71%. The number is staggering, and one that could result in over $1,000 saved every year (depending on home location and the length of the winter/summer seasons).

Homeowners can receive tax credits with an energy-efficient garage door. There are a few stipulations, but they are easy to meet. For one, the property must be a listed primary residence. So, homeowners will have to list the respective property under primary address for their yearly tax filing. The installation must occur in 2016. It is unknown yet whether the tax credits present now will be renewed for 2017 (the initial credits were applied for 2012). There are other energy-efficient standards to meet that refer to the performance of the garage door.

The tax credit comes in at around $500 for a garage door alone. Homeowners can receive an additional $200 or so per window. It is easily possible to receive a $1000 credit in total after committing to energy-efficient installations for the year. Homeowners could even extend their savings with solar panel installations, an addition that comes with its own tax credits.

What can homeowners learn from the above information? There are savings available at multiple levels in receiving a new garage door. Homeowners will save on their monthly electrical bills. Garage Doors in Novi, MI can be purchased with an affordable installation and a fair rebate. Consumers can even extend their savings further through fair tax credits. The country wants people to use energy-efficient products. They want it so much that they are willing to pay for it. Homeowners can click here to know more about the tax details, the price of a new garage door installation, and what providers are offering the best deals.

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