The Process of Granite Fabrication in Wisconsin

Natural stone countertops are a great way to spruce up a kitchen or bathroom. Not only are they incredibly durable and functional, they add a bit of luxury to a room. Granite is a particularly popular choice among homeowners due to its texture and colorful appearance. Professional Granite fabrication in Wisconsin will help homeowners get a beautiful counter top they’ll want to show off.

The process begins with a simple design. Homeowners need to provide granite fabricators with a rough sketch to give them an idea of the scope of the project. The sketch doesn’t have to be perfect, but rather a rough drawing of the space. After a brief consultation, homeowners get to choose the stone they want. Many fabricators, such as Stone Innovations, have a huge inventory of natural stone to choose from. Homeowners can browse the yard to find the perfect stone. The stone is presented in full slabs. Homeowners can see and feel the stone up close, ensuring they get a product they love.

From there, professionals will digitally measure the space. These precise measurements will then be uploaded using a special software to let homeowners see how the final product will look. They’ll get to see a virtual countertop to ensure the shape and color are correct. The company will then begin the process of Granite fabrication in Wisconsin. The giant slab is cut to size based on the previous measurements. After this step is finished, the stone must be milled and finished. Following the cutting, the stone is rough and sharp. It’s important to smooth the surface to ensure it can be used as a functional countertop. The cut piece is heavily milled and polished to give it a smooth and lustrous appearance.

After the fabrication process, the stone is installed by professionals. In the end, homeowners will have a beautiful piece of natural stone in their home. These countertops are strong enough to last a lifetime. Their natural beauty will be brought out with regular care and treatments. With the numerous color and size options available, homeowners can create a counter top they truly enjoy. All it takes is a bit of imagination and a lot of help from a fabrication company for homeowners to get the countertop of their dreams.

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