The Many Benefits That You Can Reap From Taking a Cycling Class

If you have never tried indoor cycling, then you should consider doing so. Cycling for fitness is a lot of fun. There are also many health benefits that you can reap from cycling.

Get Low-Impact Exercise

A cycling class will get your heart pumping. It will also force your muscles to work hard. However, cycling is a low-impact exercise. It does not put as much pressure on your joints as running and walking.

Burn a Lot of Calories

You can burn a lot of calories while you are cycling. Your age, lifestyle, weight, and gender will determine how many calories you will burn. However, cycling is great for helping people lose weight or maintain their current weight.

Have Better Heart Health

The American College of Sports Medicine has stated that the average healthy person should exercise 30 to 60 minutes per day. This is ideal for maintaining heart health. The average cycling class lasts 45 to 60 minutes. Therefore, cycling is great for helping you maintain your heart health.

Build Lean Muscle

Contrary to popular belief, lifting weights is not the only thing that you have to do to build lean muscle. You can build lean muscle by cycling. You can build lean muscle in your upper body and lower body.

Reduce Stress

If you are having a bad day, then you will likely feel better after you take a cycling class. Cycling helps lower cortisol levels in your body. It also helps increase endorphins. Additionally, cycling can boost your immune system.

Improve Your Mental Health

Cycling is not only good for your body, but it is also good for your mental health. It can ease feelings of anxiety and depression.

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