Questions About Adult Health Care in Jackson, GA: What Happens After Failing a DOT Physical?

DOT physicals must take place every 24 months for drivers to retain a CDL license. The medical appointment is a basic physical exam that tests the overall health of the driver and their likelihood of remaining safe on the road. A failure of a DOT physical understandably causes worry, but it does not mean the driver will never legally go back on the road.

Monitor Health Concerns

To avoid a failed exam, people need to care for their health properly. Diabetics, anyone with hypertension, or someone suffering from COPD should visit their normal physician regularly and take their prescriptions as ordered. The doctors that manage Adult Health Care in Jackson, GA know that a well-controlled physical condition should not bar someone from driving. The condition may only require people to have more frequent physical exams than what other drivers need.

Consider Second Opinions

Sometimes, the decision to fail a driver is based on the opinion of the physician more than any definite condition that excludes the driver from being safe. The law allows drivers to seek a second opinion for this reason. The driver cannot hide any physical ailments from the doctor performing the second exam and cannot lie about addiction issues or prior failures.

Address Failure Cause

Many of the reasons people fail their DOT physical are controllable. It is possible that a driver could lose their ability to drive for a few months, or longer, but it is often not necessarily permanent. Heart disease and diabetes are controllable conditions. Enrollment in a substance abuse program can address narcotic use or alcohol dependence. Anyone with the dream to drive can work with a doctor that specializes in Adult Health Care in Jackson, GA and make the changes needed to regain their position.

Most drivers that take a DOT physical will pass the test easily and go back to work without any delay. The drivers that worry their health has declined should talk to a doctor beforehand to get any problems under control before the test date. Clinics like Internal Medicine of Griffin offer preventative care, health maintenance, and DOT exams so they can help drivers with health maintenance and more. Visit for more information.

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