What’s Included in a Sports Physical in Murrieta, CA?

Going for a physical is very important for people who are involved in athletics. If you are actively involved in sports activities and are interested in progressing further, you will need to go to a doctor from time to time. A sports physical in Murrieta, CA is primarily known as a pre-participation physical examination. This exam is designed to check the athlete’s body and to look at various indicators that might give the doctors a better idea about whether a person’s body is suitable for the kind of exercise and athletic activities that he or she is taking part in. Here are a few things that are checked in a sports physical.

Medical History

The first thing that the doctors are going to look at is your medical history. If you have had any diseases or problems in the past, you will need to provide all details to the doctors about it. One of the best places where you can get a physical done is Total Care Family Medical Center. If you are actively taking part in sports activities, know that your body is undergoing quite a bit of stress. Sharing your medical history with the doctors will make it easy for them to decide whether your body is capable of bearing such excessive stress or not.

Physical Examination

Now comes the main part. The sports physical obviously involves a physical examination where the doctors will record your weight and your height; test your vision; check your heart, abdomen, nose, ears, throat, and lungs; check your blood pressure and your pulse; and look for any signs of irregularity while evaluating your posture, flexibility, and strength. These are just a few things that are included in the physical exam.

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