Mobile Trainers in Palm Beach County, FL Help Senior Citizens Get Fit

A retired senior citizen who has become sedentary and gained weight may find the most recent health checkup to be a wake-up call. Blood sugar and cholesterol have risen to troubling numbers, and blood pressure is borderline hypertensive. This individual realizes it’s time to start taking long walks, participate in aerobic activity and do routine muscle resistance exercises. A mobile trainer in Palm Beach County, FL can help this person begin developing a plan and learning about various possibilities.

Receiving Guidance

This individual might want to join a fitness center but feels somewhat intimidated about doing so alone. A fitness personal trainer in Miami Dade County, FL can meet the client there and provide guidance about different types of equipment. The client can learn numerous ways to use free weights, such as lying on a bench and lifting.

Aerobic Activity

A mobile trainer in Palm Beach County, FL demonstrates how to start slowly and gradually build up. It might seem that spending only one minute pedaling an elliptical machine at level one is pointless, but that’s better than nothing. After a few sessions, the person might increase the time to two minutes.

Resistance Exercise

A fitness personal trainer in Miami Dade County, FL explains how the principle is similar to free weights and resistance equipment. For example, five rounds on the triceps extension machine at 10 lbs. of resistance may be the ideal starting point. The trainer can offer advice about when to increase the weight and the number of rounds. For more information contact Fitness At Your Door today.

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