The Elements of a Great Steak

One of the best kinds of meals that a person can partake in is a great steak dinner. There are a variety of different kinds of steaks on the market, so you will need to narrow down the best type for your particular tastes. The quality of the steak that you eat has a lot to do with the preparation and the way it is cooked. The top Steakhouse Restaurants in Cincinnati have the way they prepare their steaks down to a science, which means you will consistently get the taste that you want from the top restaurants. The following are a few of the key elements that make a great steak.

The Grade of Meat

One of the most important elements of a great steak is the grade of the meat itself. The USDA gives a grade to all of the meat sold for consumption in the United States. The best cut of meat that you can possibly get is a Grade A. The only way to make sure that your steak is the best is by paying more for a quality cut of meat. The money that you pay for your Grade A steak will be more than worth it in the end.

The Aging Process

Another very important element of getting a great steak is the aging process that it goes through. There are a variety of different aging processes and the one you use should be based on the type of finished steak that you want. One of the most popular types of aging process is the called wet aging and it involves letting the meat sit in a pan of marinade for a day or so. The marinade is allowed to seep into the steak and offer more flavor once it is cooked.

The Right Spices

Another very important part of having a good tasting steak is finding the right spices to put on it once you cook it. There are literally hundreds of spices out there, so you have an endless amount of originality that you can add to your steak. If you are unsure about how a certain spice will taste, then you need to go very lightly when putting it on so your steak won’t suffer in the process. The time and effort that you put into preparing your steak will be more than worth it in the end.

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