The Benefits Of A High Output Wall Pack

Having lighting around a building on a commercial or industrial property is only effective if the lighting is bright, clear and covers all the areas of the building that are potential areas for unwanted access. This lighting is also used to increase safety and allow easy movement by employees around the building, even when it is dark.

In other words, having a poor quality of light, even if it is in the right location, is not the deterrent to thieves, vandals and those looking to gain access to the building illegally. The opposite effect will be found with high quality, bright, clear outdoor lighting.

To address this issue, many commercial properties and businesses are converting old types of outdoor fixtures including mercury vapor, incandescent and even halogen lighting to new, energy efficient, high output wall pack options.

Directed Light

One of the important features of a high output wall pack over a traditional type of fixtures is the greater ability to direct the light where needed and over a wider area. These lights do not shine out or up, but rather they are designed to shine down.

When mounted over the bay or dock doors, employee or guest entrances or along the exterior of a building to illuminate a walkway, they provide the quantity and quality of lighting required without unnecessary light to areas that simply don’t require lighting.

Uniform Lighting

By selecting a single type and style of high output wall pack, a consistent look can be obtained throughout the entire building or property. Additionally, with these wall packs, the spacing can be expanded due to the coverage area provided as well as the clear, white light.

With the ability to use fewer fixtures coupled with the low energy requirements and extended life cycle for the lamps, these wall packs are a great choice where style and lighting are never compromised.

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