3 Benefits Of Outdoor Landscape Lighting

by | Nov 30, 2017 | LED

For both residential and commercial properties, lighting can be used to enhance outdoor locations throughout the landscape. Not only is it important to increase visibility, but it can be used to create special effects, to focus on particular aspects of the landscape as well as to provide a welcoming look to any property.

There are different options for outdoor landscape lighting. These range from various styles of fixtures to the choice of bulbs. In the past, the most common bulbs used where incandescent bulbs that offered a limited life and limited light. Compact fluorescents and halogen bulbs offered increased lighting but still had a relatively short life cycle, requiring frequent changing while also using higher levels of electricity.

The move to LED outdoor landscape lighting can address these issues. To understand the benefits of the LED lighting option, here are three important factors well worth considering.

Spot On Illumination

The different styles and options in fixtures for LED landscape lights allows for precision focus on the light just where it is needed. This can include the use of floodlights for large areas or wall packs or wall mounts to illuminate gardens, walkways, and features on or around buildings.

Quality and Light Color

With LED lighting for outdoor landscaping, it is possible to choose the brightness of the light by selecting based on lumens. The higher the lumens, the brighter the light will be. Additionally, it is possible to choose a cool or neutral light, temperature, both which provide a very true color of the light that looks natural and allows the colors of the landscape to shine through.

Long Life With Limited Maintenance

In addition to the energy savings offered by LED outdoor landscape lighting, the long life of the bulbs and fixtures is a very important factor. The bulbs will last for years without the need for a replacement. Quality fixtures will also last for decades as the lights don’t get hot and therefore the fixtures are constantly undergoing temperature changes.

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