3 Ways That Iowa Fire Control Protects Businesses

by | Sep 29, 2017 | Fire and Security

Successful businesses not only focus on growth and profits, but they also take steps to protect employees. With that in mind, professionals like Iowa Fire Control offer a range of fire safety services geared toward a range of different industries. Their most ordered products and services include fire extinguisher training, fire suppression systems and alarm systems.

Fire Extinguisher Training Serves Various Industries

Iowa Fire Control trainers offer instruction that helps employees learn how to use fire extinguishers correctly. That may not seem like a common problem, but the fact is that few people actually know what to do when faced with a blaze. Experts offer 3 tiers of training that cover all possible situations. Their low hazard classes are suited for light commercial clients, such as retail stores. Medium hazard training is geared toward warehouses and laboratories. Heavy industrial classes teach students how to deal with hazards like gravity fed and pressure fires.

Fire Suppression Systems Control Damage

Business owners and managers whose companies are at risk for fires that water will not extinguish often visit sites like website for help. The website contains a “Click Here” option that allows visitors to schedule an assessment and order services. Fire control experts typically offer these clients industrial dry chemical or clean agent systems. Some of the areas where they are commonly used include server rooms, museums, ethanol plants, medical records storage areas and tape storage vaults.

Fire Alarm Services Offer Life-Saving Warnings

Safety specialists also offer a range of fire alarm systems and services designed to protect people and business assets. Factory trained experts can assess clients’ needs and then provide and install early warning devices. In addition to offering protection, they ensure that clients meet fire safety codes. Technicians also provide services that include control panel inspections and verification of connections. They test stations, bells, pull stations, door holders and audio/visual devices. Technicians will also design complete alarm systems that can detect a range of hazards.

Businesses often protect their workers and assets with the help of fire control specialists. Technicians offer fire extinguisher training and alarm system services. They also install and service suppression systems for environments at risk for fires that cannot be put out with water.

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