3 Benefits of Wireless Home Security System Installation in Bowling Green KY

In a world where technology is always changing and evolving, it seems that everything is becoming wireless. This includes home security systems as well, however, going wireless is a lot more than simply keeping up with the trends. Wireless home security systems can greatly improve your safety and security at home. Wireless systems offer many more benefits than their corded counterparts, improving convenience and instant updates as well.

If you’re thinking of installing a new security system, you should definitely go wireless. Read on to learn more about the top three benefits of wireless home security system installation in Bowling Green KY.


Wireless security systems are just that, wireless. This means a lot more than simply added convenience, wireless home security system installation adds extra protection. Many intruders are known to “cut the lines” being telephone lines or power lines that can shut down conventional alarm systems. Fortunately for wireless systems, this will not affect them.

If your telephone or power lines are cut, your alarm system will go off and alert everyone to the intruder in your home. Visit us to learn more by clicking here.

Home Insurance

When you make your home safer, insurance companies will discount you on coverage rates. Living near a fire hydrant or living in a gated community can save you a bit of money on your insurance, but wireless home security system installation can save you up to 20% on insurance costs. If your system also includes other detectors such as for carbon monoxide, you can save even more.

Instant Alerts and Remote Monitoring

One of the best parts of choosing a wireless security system is the added benefits of being able to connect your smartphone, laptop, and even tablet to the network. This means that you’ll be able to monitor remotely when you’re not at home and receive instant updates as they occur.

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