Useful Promotional Products for Your Business

Promotional products printed with your company’s logo or name is a great way to be memorable to existing and prospective clients. Where mistakes are made, though, is determining exactly on what to print the logo. That’s where personalized bottled water comes in.

1. Why Water?

Unlike a sticker which doesn’t have much use or even a cheap pen, everyone needs water. The key to finding a promotional product with good ROI is connecting memorability to the item. The entire point of these types of products is for recipients to connect your brand identity in a positive way. Water bottles with custom labels are a great way to do this – especially at events where water is in demand.

2. The Best Time to Use Water

The best time to utilize personalize bottled water is definitely at outdoor events. For example, if your business is doing an event in the warmer months, free water will be snatched up immediately. The recipient will then carry your brand with them all day, turning to that item for refreshment. This is a great way to reinforce positive associations with your company. Alexa Springs produces private label water for reasonable prices if you’re looking for a company nearby. They tell their customers: “Request a free quote, and we will send you pricing information on our water bottles.”

3. Research What Competitors Are Doing

It’s always good to know what your competitors are doing. Researching what types of promotional products other companies in your industry are touting is a good way to gauge the uniqueness of your own approach. However, while you want to stand out, don’t get too carried away with being original. Bottled water is a standard go-to item that everyone will always take.

Using a promotional item is all about usefulness and impact. If you give people something that’s always in demand emblazoned with your logo, this is what makes potential clients remember your business.

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