Why the Cloud Presents a Hosting Solution in Bellevue NE

Businesses were seeking a Hosting Solution in Bellevue, NE will want to consider a provider that utilizes the computer cloud for that task. Advantages include lower pricing, faster updates when technology and procedures advance, and more secure backup options. That allows experienced providers, such as Geeks!, to host networks and websites at flat rates.

The cloud does not require system and hardware investments every three to five years. An internet supported hosting solution requires actual physical equipment and systems to remain efficient through the years. That is a huge advantage since new platforms, systems, and technology is emerging at a constant rate.


The first step is an assessment of the current hosting situation to determine the current needs of the business. Future needs will be anticipated based on the goals and plans of the business owner. Ease in adding components as the business builds or changes is another advantage of cloud hosting.

Hosting may only be needed for a website, while other businesses will have a website, multiple workstations, and possibly a mobile workforce. Devising a plan to manage and monitor all the network devices needed will be next.

Other Services Available

In addition to a Hosting Solution in Bellevue, NE, web design, information technology (IT) assessments, and staffing augmentation for special projects are also offered. Media center planning and installation are available for conference rooms, control stations, and lobbies or reception areas.


Computer services for businesses are offered in three easy flat-rate packages to accommodate a variety of needs. The “Emergency IT” package includes 24/7 availability, on-site and remote services, and in-house support.

A “Ninja IT” package provides several off-site services to help a business operate smoothly. Network monitoring off-site is conducted twenty-four hours a day. Also available continuously is access to a help desk. Secure off-site backup completes this bundle of services.

“Flat-Rate IT” is a complete package that includes twenty-four monitoring of all network devices. Backup and patch management, maintenance, and both on-site and remote labor are unlimited with this choice. Separate services can be expensive and out of financial reach for smaller businesses. Packages allow businesses of all sizes, even a single owner-operator business, to benefit from professional IT services. Contact Geeks! for more information!

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