Tactical Ways to Get Paint Off of a High Density Foam Paint Roller

The basic way to clean a paint roller is quite effective. It involves coating the foam surfaces with a chemical compound. There are chemical compounds available for latex, oil-based, and water-based paints.

The Lazy Method

Whenever you don’t want to clean a roller immediately following a project, consider the lazy method. This method requires patience as you’ll have to follow a few steps in order to prevent the paint from hardening on the roller. To get started, wrap plastic around the roller. Then store the roller in a refrigerator overnight. When you remove the roller the next day, you can continue painting using your previous paint. Once you’re done painting, clean the roller with a chemical compound.

The Convenient Method

The most convenient way to clean a paint roller is also the messiest because it involves a lot of water. You’ll need a hose, a water supply, and old clothes to get started.

This method relies on centrifugal force. To create it, completely turn on your outdoor faucet. Then aim the hose over the paint roller. The water will generate centrifugal force as it spins the roller.

Strategies for Dried Paint

You can remove dried paint on a high density foam paint roller with a putty knife. If any paint particles are tough to remove, soak the roller in a paint remover.

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