Why Choose a Mini High Density Foam Paint Roller?

Whether you paint a home exterior, interior, or commercial facility, you can use standard brushes or rollers. However, in some cases, a high density foam paint roller, smaller than normal, is the perfect complement to your other tools. These painting tools are called cigars or mini rollers.

Small is Good

Most paint rollers are from seven to nine inches long and very absorbent. The length and absorbency let you pick up a great deal of paint and apply it smoothly to surfaces. Even though a large roller is great for covering large surfaces, they have their limitations.

You could use paintbrushes for corners and areas next to trim. However, you may have issues with brush marks or drips. Yet, when you use a small high density foam paint roller, you can easily get into the smallest of spaces. You can buy cigar rollers as small as four inches long, and some have rounded edges. Rounding makes the rollers perfect for corner painting. With high density foam, you do not have to worry about problems like streaking or dripping, as long as you do not overload the roller.


A mini high density foam paint roller gives you exceptional absorbency. The dense foam acts like a sponge and literally sucks up paint. However, your paint laden roller slowly releases its paint load to give you a smooth and even finish, even in the tightest of spaces.

Lint can be a big problem with roller painting. In fact, lint may ruin an otherwise perfect paint job. Foam does not attract lint, so you have one less thing to be concerned with. You can use your cigar rollers on all kinds of paints, including satin and eggshell types. You can also use your mini rollers to apply enamel, varnish, urethane finishes, and cleanup is easy.

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