Steps to a Successful PTSD Workers Compensation Claim in Minnesota

Post-traumatic stress disorder can develop after someone has been in frightening or emotionally devastating circumstances. Typically, the situation involves a risk of death to the person, a loved one or someone nearby. PTSD can develop after someone sees a friend, loved one or colleague get killed in an accident or other incident. For a PTSD workers compensation claim in Minnesota to be successful, certain criteria must be met.

A psychiatric evaluation or an evaluation by a licensed psychologist must verify that the individual suffers from PTSD. The person may be experiencing episodes of panic or severe anxiety that occur unexpectedly and swiftly. Depression is also prevalent among persons with the disorder. The verification is one essential step toward a successful PTSD workers compensation claim in Minnesota.

Another requirement is that the incident must not have been a potentially expected risk for this type of job. For that reason, men and women in occupations like law enforcement and firefighting usually cannot file a PTSD workers comp claim. These jobs carry an innate risk of danger, and the person has accepted that when pursuing the occupation.

In contrast, a cashier at a convenience store who was injured during an armed robbery might be approved. This person would not only receive lost wages and compensation for the physical injury, but also for the emotional trauma that developed afterward. Payment for psychological counseling would be provided. The individual might be paid for further lost wages after physical recovery if he or she is too fearful to return to the job, at least for now.

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