Self Storage Facilities Fill the Need For Home Storage in York PA

The odds are great that you have seen at least one of the thousands of self-storage facilities along the road on your travels. It is reported by the Self Storage Association, that Americans are currently renting nearly 2 billion square feet of self-storage space, that’s a lot of unused treadmills being stored. If you haven’t stored anything yet, no need to worry, self-storage facilities are a steadily growing service, so there is sure to be a spot for you when you need it.

If you are in need of temporary home stoage in York, PA, due to an up-coming move or because you are plain running out of room for your stuff, this may be the perfect solution. Self storage facilities offer short or long-term storage for household items that might not be needed right away after a move. This provides more space in the moving van and less stuff you have to find a place for after moving into your new home. Also, moving some furniture and decorative items out of the home helps the Realtor when it comes to staging the home for showings.

Homeowners aren’t the only clients that self storage facilities like A Better Rate Storage attract. Both commercial and home-based business owners enjoy the advantages of self storage units. Storing items like seasonal inventory and supplies free up space at home or in the office, often eliminating the need to expand rental space, saving on lease payments. Examples of business storage include catering companies, decorating companies, and self-employed individuals selling cosmetics, jewelry, or home decor.

Larger self storage facilities may offer inside and outside storage units. Inside units are typically housed inside a larger building that is climate-controlled so that it is maintained at a specific temperature year-round. This is ideal for storing temperature-sensitive materials or equipment such as electronics, digital media, and perishable items. If you wish to store recreational vehicles, trailers, boats, or other recreational equipment, than the outdoor storage option is the best choice.

If security is a concern at home storage in York, PA self storage facilities, you will find that many of these facilities have managers or owners, that live on-site. There is usually video monitoring provided, and some may have a security guard on the grounds during off-hours. Also, nearly every self storage facility is completely fenced and have a gated entry that requires an access code to gain access.

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