Emergency Survival Gear in Washington: Five Must Have Items

While it may not come down to a zombie apocalypse, it’s important for people to be ready in case of emergency. If all of the comforts of home are gone in an instant, how is a person going to survive? When it comes to Emergency Survival Gear in Washington, here are five items that everyone should have on hand.


There are so many reason to have a knife as part of Emergency Survival Gear in Washington. Many people would prefer to have a Swiss Army knife because of the various tools that are featured on just one piece of equipment. It’s most important use could be in a medical emergency as the knife can work as a scalpel and the tools, including the tweezers and the scissors, could be beneficial in dealing with an injury or wound.

Fire Starter

Fire is a central part of survival. It can purify water, heat food, and provide warmth. Look for a permanent way to start a fire like hand forged steels from Zombie Tinder. These items can be used over and over again and quickly help to start a fire in the most difficult of climates. There are lots of other options to choose from atIt might seem glamorous on TV, but creating a shelter can be a real challenge, especially when only using nearby items. An ax can help to break down materials that can be used several different ways. Whether it is wood for a shelter or a fire, an ax is a must have. The ax doesn’t need to be large, but it does need to be sharp and effective.


The ax can provide some items for a shelter, but a tarp is a quick way to set up camp in multiple situations and environments. It can keep out rain and other elements and provide some protection. It can be attached to trees or even the ground if necessary. (If there’s some extra room in the emergency pack, rope complements the tarp really well.)


Fresh water is a must and it isn’t always easily accessible. It’s important to have a container on hand to take advantage of fresh water sites and to have some on hand when traveling. Without water, some of the other gear isn’t as important.

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