How to Choose a Heating Contractor

by | Nov 9, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

Choosing a heating contractor is an important decision which you should take wisely. There are many un-registered contractors out there who can fool you with their service. There were a number of instances where people have hired the services of un-registered contractors and suffered a lot.

Who is a Heating Contractor?

A heating contractor is a person who installs and does repair of heaters, air conditioners and vents. They also service equipments like ductwork, boilers, heat pumps and thermostats. These contractors are trained professionals who can provide professional service whenever required. They should have a valid certificate licensed by North American Technician Excellence that allows them to perform professional service throughout America.

Steps to Choose the Right Heating Contractor

There are some points to consider before hiring the service of a professional for your heating problems.

  1. Valid License: When hiring professional help for your heating problems, you need to make sure you hire the service of a licensed professional. Even though a licensed or certified professional may charge you more than an un-licensed professional, the risk involved in hiring un-licensed professionals is high. If any damages occur to your equipment, there won’t be any insurance coverage if the work was done by an un-licensed person.
  2. Insurance: Make sure the professional has valid insurance coverage. If any accident or damages occur during the repair, you can only make aclaim if the professional you hired has valid insurance coverage.
  3. Service Guarantee: Ask for service guarantee when hiring professional help. Reputable contractors provide guarantee for their work.
  4. Estimate: Collecting a proper estimate is important when it comes to hiring. Make sure all the costs are mentioned in the estimate.

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