Why Is USPS Address Verification So Important?

Some say that addresses are almost as unique as fingerprints. Every person who lives somewhere has a unique code that tells mail carriers and the USPS where they live. While you can have similar addresses, such as street names, they are ultimately different. Therefore, it’s essential that, as a business owner, you have tools, such as address verification software, that make it easy to verify that the place it legitimate and real.


Primarily, USPS address verification ensures an excellent customer experience, reduces your costs and eliminates waste, as well as increase the performance of the company.

Customers want to get their mail, especially if it includes bills and coupons. Most companies have a rule that states that the client is still responsible for all payments, even if information isn’t sent to them. However, this is frustrating to consumers and may make them choose a similar business that offers nearly identical products or services. You can ensure that they get their mail on time with this software.

Similarly, you can save money by making sure that the addresses you send mail to are real. Otherwise, they will be returned to you or tossed in the trash, meaning you’ve lost a potential sale or client. Plus, you won’t have to waste the ink, electricity, paper, stamp and everything else to send information somewhere that doesn’t exist.

USPS address verification can also increase your company’s performance. You can reach more people because the addresses are real and legitimate, plus they’re correct. Incorrect addresses can lead to slow processing, meaning customers may not get the information in time. Likewise, extremely weak addresses may be returned to you.

You’ll also ensure accuracy if you choose real-time software because data will be validated and corrected immediately after it is inputted. It can also help speed up entry time, as well.

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