Rocky Patel: Enjoy a Future Classic Cigar

Rakesh ‘Rocky’ Patel began manufacturing cigars after he became interested in the process in the 1990’s. His first career was that of an attorney in Hollywood to stars such as Gene Hackman and Arnold Schwarzenegger. His ties to Hollywood are what exposed him to cigar smoking. His interest simply grew from there until he found himself spending time in Honduras to learn more about the cigar industry. Today his company, the Rocky Patel Premium Cigar Company is located in Naples, Florida.

From Humble Beginnings to Rankings that Include the Best of the Best

The Vintage 1990 cigars and the Vintage 1992 cigars were launched in 2003. Upon their release, they earned the term ‘Best of the Best’ with regards from the Robb Report. Both cigar ratings where in the 90’s, which are high marks earned upon the rating scale for cigars. From there his cigar company continued to succeed with annual sales increasing and exceeding the million dollar mark. By the year 2007, the cigar company had manufactured sixteen million cigars. With continuing success, the Rocky Patel Premium Cigar Company achieved an even higher ranking of 95 for their Decade cigar, from the Cigar Aficionado. The Decade cigar was created to mark their tenth year in the cigar business. Since then a new set of lighters have been created that are individually numbered to reflect a limited edition series. Since they are numbered and only a certain amount has been manufactured, they are considered to be collectibles.

Premium Cigars in the RP Line Range from Premium to Inexpensive

Like most cigar companies that manufacture cigars for purchase, there are cigars that are limited release and cigars that are favorites and inexpensive. The RP brand is well known and also creates several cigars for private labels. RP brand cigars themselves have a unique way of packaging their cigars. Once you open a package you are going to find a cigar with a bold aroma due to the blends and fillers used to create a modern cigar for the new generations of cigar smokers.  The RP brand is distinctive and continues to be sought after by cigar aficionados. The bold flavors of these cigars are complex and contain an element of coffee, spice, and chocolate. Such a complex cigar does not hide any of the robust essences of the tobacco blend. In fact they are made from high quality tobaccos with resilient flavors that are sure to become a future classic.


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