The Role of Workers Compensation Attorneys in Kingston, WA

Employers are required to have workers compensation insurance and this type of insurance can be extremely beneficial if you were to be injured on the job because of a work related activity. However, as beneficial as this kind of insurance coverage can be to handle medical bills or lost wages that can also stem from the injury, getting the workers compensation insurance carrier to accept your claim can be a bit difficult. That’s why many people who run into problems with worker’s compensation look to hire an attorney that handles issues regarding Workers Compensation in Kingston WA.

There are actually two different functions that an attorney that handles Workers Compensation in Kingston WA can help you with if you’re experiencing problems with this sort of insurance claim. The first thing they can do is help you to properly file a claim with the insurance company. Sometimes, the claim process can be very difficult, very complicated as well as being time sensitive. Having an attorney that understands the nuances of workers compensation can help you to successfully file an accurate claim and submit it to the insurance company.

Another role that a workers compensation attorney plays is if your claim for benefits is rejected. Unfortunately, claims that meet all the qualifications for workers compensation are routinely turned down for numerous different reasons. An attorney can represent you in order to either have the decision to deny your claim overturned or in some cases, the attorney can file suit against the insurance company or they can appeal directly to the Department of Labor and Industries.

If you’re unsure what to do after you have been injured on the job, and that injury work related and not due to you being negligent in the work place, it’s best to speak with an attorney that handles workers compensation issues. Whether you simply need help filing a claim in a proper and timely fashion or you’ve received a denial of your claim through an insurance carrier, an attorney can help you receive the compensation that you need following a work related injury. For more information on what a workers compensation law firm can do for you, simply check out this website.


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