Rexnord Bearings: The Basics

by | Sep 7, 2017 | Industrial Supplies

Many pieces of machinery cannot operate effectively without bearings. They are integral to many of the equipment operating in America’s factories. In states across America, such as Texas, one brand continues to maintain its popularity. Rexnord bearings remain a constant and familiar product on the industrial power equipment landscape.


Like other companies, Rexnord produces a variety of bearings for diverse industrial applications. Because of technological innovations and advanced corporate practices, Rexnord is able to provide its clients with an impressive selection of different options. This diversity refers to both the types of bearings they offer and the different brands available for their consumers.

Among the different common types of Rexnord bearings from which a client can choose are:

* Ball Bearings

* Cylindrical Roller Bearings

* Filament Bearings

* Sleeve Bearings

* Spherical Roller Bearings

Rexnord produces these types using all the technical skill and technique of their company, constantly working to improve on the basics and make them more viable for today’s industries. These diverse types are available under the following well-known and reputable brand names:

* Duralon: A common Duralon type is the composite bearings; another type is the Duralon filament bearing
Link-Belt: A popular bearing type in Texas is Klean-Gard bearings.

* Rex: Spherical and pillow block Rex bearings are common types

* Tuflite: These durable bearings are lightweight and fall into the filament category

All such products are able to provide customers with the advantages common to this company. The bearings offer high-quality and excellence in both design and, performance.

Rexnord Bearings

Are you considering switching brands? Do you want a high-quality bearing for operating your conveyor belt? Perhaps you may want to join the many satisfied industries Texas who have purchased Rexnord bearings. No matter what the specific brand name – Rex, Link-Belt, Duralon or Tuflite, they have found these bearings to offer the ability for the equipment to operate at optimal capacity, combining efficiency with smoothness while extending machinery longevity.

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