The Golden Years

In a study of over 200 residents living in 55 different assisted living facilities Mitchell & Kemp (2000) found that on almost every quality of life measure, residents were better off than their counterparts living alone. Spending the Golden Years in an assisted living facility means more social involvement, which in turn leads to less depression. With less depression and more meaningful social engagements, seniors in assisted living environments experience greater overall life satisfaction. Surrounded by healthcare staff, most seniors in assisted living facilities also exhibit better health outcomes (Mitchell & Kemp, 2000). Clearly there are reasons why an increasing numbers of Pennsylvania residents are realizing that their Golden Years are best spent not all alone but in the company of peers who can stimulate their minds, encourage ongoing creative and intellectual development, and ensure the best possible mental and physical health.

Unfortunately we cannot always be close to our families. Sometimes our children have to move to another state or even another country to find work. Oftentimes we outlive our children and our spouses, and suddenly realize that as grateful as we are for our good health, we still need companionship. If our cognitive functioning is not what it used to be, it is important that we know there is someone there to remind us to take our medications, lock the doors, and generally keep us safe. Assisted living is the best of both worlds: the ability to remain as independent as self-reliant as possible, while also being safe and part of a community of like-minded individuals in Pennsylvania. The Golden Years can be some of the best years of our lives when they are shared with people who we care about and trust. Senior living facilities offer the opportunity for social engagement, regular community involvement, and access to opportunities for personal development.

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