Restore the Beauty of Your Home From Hail Damage in Indianapolis

Mother nature can toss a lot of damaging elements at your Indianapolis home, but one of the worst is hail. Hail is basically frozen rain, but it can have other minerals or debris mixed in. Unlike rain, hail doesn’t fall as individual drops. Instead, it collects more water which freezes together. This stuff may seem harmless at first, but when hail strikes your home those balls of frozen water can be brutal. While it seems obvious that hail can crack and shatter windows or other brittle materials, a hail storm can also damage doors, siding and even the roof. However, most Hail Damage in Indianapolis results from the cracking and splintering of wood which makes your home vulnerable to further wind, rain and water damage.

If the hail damage is fairly simple then a few minor repairs can fix the problem, Unfortunately, strong hail storms tend to do a lot of damage and much of that is easily missed. Damage to the roof is a good example of this. Houses roofed with asphalt shingles may hide more serious cracks because the shingles seem to be okay. All it takes is a little water to seep under the damaged shingle and the underlying decking can rot away. The only way to avoid this problem is to thoroughly examine all of the shingles for problems and replace any that look questionable.

Perhaps the two most commonly damaged items during a hail storm are the siding and the windows. Both can be difficult and time consuming to replace. Part of the problem with replacing windows occurs when removing certain window styles from the home’s framework. If the original carpenter installed the window improperly then you may find it difficult to remove. Also, some aluminum framed windows were secured on the outside of the home making removal of the siding a requirement.

Replacing household siding usually requires stripping the damaged material off the building and replacing what is broken. If the Hail Damage in Indianapolis is severe enough it might be cheaper to simply replace all of the home’s siding, perhaps with a new PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) material. Most vinyl siding can be installed in a matter of days. If you are looking for a quality contractor to repair your hail damaged home then be sure to stop by Amos Exteriors Inc in Indianapolis.


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