Reasons You Should Consider Heating Oil in Mystic CT

Heating oil is a liquid petroleum which is of low viscosity used by many homeowners all over the world to heat their homes. Over 8.5 million homes in the country use heating oil as their main heat source to keep their homes warm and cozy all year round. Heating Oil in Mystic CT, also known as No. 2 oil is normally delivered to homes by tanker trucks and stored in storage tanks located in basements or below ground.

This oil is more or less similar to diesel fuel and is comprised of a mixture of hydrocarbons derived from petroleum. To create heating oil, petroleum is distilled in the petroleum refinery to separate it into its individual parts. Condensation is then done to separate it from other petroleum products. Most of the petroleum products condense between 644 and 752 degrees Fahrenheit. Heating oil condenses at a temperature range of between 482 and 662 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a bit lower compared to other products.

Though there are many benefits that come with using this oil for heating your home, if you are looking for a heating option that is environmentally-friendly, then this may not be the best option. If you are considering the cost of heating, it is good to talk with a specialist before you settle on this option because though the cost may seem low, the back-end costs might be quite inflated.

Regardless of those two limitations, heating oil has many advantages. To start with, the oil burns 400 degrees hotter than natural gases or electricity. Therefore, homes that use oil as their main heating source warm quicker than those that use other sources. The modern heating oil systems burn cleaner than past designs. This minimizes the release of soot to the surrounding.

The other advantage is that it is non-explosive; therefore, it is safe for using in the home. It is also a very economical option for heating homes. According to the statistics, the annual heating costs for oil are always lower than the natural gas or electricity. Oil heats are 16 percent efficient than the natural gas.

Heating Oil in Mystic CT addresses most of the safety concerns surrounding other fuel options. It also helps you to save money on your heating bills. For all your heating needs, look no further than Anderson Oil Company. They have experienced contractors. You can click here to find out more.

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