Part of the Pipeline Today’s Pipeline Industry

Pipelines are like the veins of Alberta county. They have been working since the 1900s to provide families and businesses with petroleum and other natural resources. Platinum Pipefitting is proud to be among other Alberta pipeline companies that help fuel the county’s economy and the entire country’s lifestyle and comfort. The county is a leading source of resources for the United States and other countries. The following are tidbits of information regarding the industry of transporting natural resources.

Alberta’s Pipelines

According to Alberta Energy Regulator, the county houses 19 intraprovincial and interprovincial pipelines. These pipelines carry resources such as C2 and gas between plants at Fort Murray, Edmonton, and Calgary. Ever since the discovery of Leduc No. 1 in 1947, Alberta has become the center hub of the industry.


The interprovincial pipelines that begin in Alberta stretch to 16 other refineries in Canada. They reach markets in Ontario and Quebec. The United States is a major consumer of crude oil. Pipelines are essential to the entire country’s economic prosperity.

Safety and the Government

The government heavily regulates the safety of the lines to prevent oil spills and environmental issues. Canada’s Natural Energy Board, a federal organization that standardizes close to 100 Alberta pipeline companies, are empowered by government acts such as the Pipeline Safety Act and the Canadian Environmental Act. These acts allow the NEB to track safety records, go onsite to inspect pipelines, and conduct damage control. The NEB ensures that all pipeline designs, construction, and maintenance meet specifications authored by the Canadian Standards Association.

The above shows that Alberta’s influence in the industry is important, and because the Canadian government sees it as so, they go out of their way to regulate and protect pipelines. Our company is a part of this tradition. We dedicate ourselves to expanding the economy, and we assure that our work reaches beyond the standards of the government.

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