Guide to Find a Compressor Oil Supplier in Florida

There are about 108 companies that deal with wholesale lubricating oils in Florida, including compressor oil. One important and common use of compressor oil, among others, is in car air conditioning systems. When you live or do business in Florida, you want to be sure that you are getting the best Florida compressor oil supplier that is going to give you quality products at a reasonable price.

Lubricants are What Keep Your Engine Going

The most important use of this is as a lubricant. The oil lubricates the bearings and other moving parts in the compressor. It can also help to decrease the temperature of the compressor by sealing off the various moving parts from each other and prevent overheating, in the long run.

Using the Right Oil

There are mainly two types of compressors, the rotary screw type and the piston type. Regardless of the type your equipment has, using the correct oil for your compressor is extremely important. In the piston type of compressor, besides keeping the temperature cooler, the oil also minimizes rusting of the individual parts inside the compressor as water accumulates due to condensation when the compressor cools down.

Using oil from your car or any other hydraulic oil will be detrimental to your compressor. The oil you get from your Florida compressor oil supplier should be able to handle very hot temperature of plus 250 ℉ as the compressor will stop working and shut itself down if it gets too hot.

Nearly all the compressor oils available in the past were petroleum based, but since the year 2014, most of them are now longer lasting, synthetic oils. These synthetic oils, on an average, provide up to about 8000 hours of compressor running time. This is a very big improvement over petroleum based oils of the past, at a mere 1000 hours.

Your Supplier

The list of Florida compressor oil suppliers includes some big names in the industry, but check out Seaboard Neumann for their products as a reliable supplier for compressor oil in Florida. They provide big name quality at a smaller company, affordable price. Call them today at 855-409-9971.

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