Questions To Ask Before Buying Used Liquid Chromatography Equipment

Having a top used medical and laboratory equipment company to work with in purchasing refurbished or used and repaired used liquid chromatography equipment is a benefit to any facility.

Working with your current used medical and laboratory equipment supplier or when shopping around for a first-time purchase, there are several questions to ask about the equipment. Asking these questions can provide considerable insight into the company. While price will be important, these are equally essential to know before making a purchase.

In-house or Start Searching

A top company offering used liquid chromatography equipment will only list or show actual models they have in stock on their inventory pages. Keep in mind, the website pages are not updated on a daily basis, so it is possible that equipment is added or sold and not reflected immediately on the website.

Be careful about a company that doesn’t have the equipment in stock but will start searching. This can be an open-ended type of search. Top companies can do specific searches for you, but they don’t use the bait and switch method to get you to the website.

Testing and Repair/Refurbishing of Equipment

In addition to having an in-house inventory of different top brands and models of used liquid chromatography equipment, ask if the testing, repairs or refurbishing of the equipment is done in-house.

When the company selling the equipment doesn’t complete the testing, repairs and refurbishing it should be a red flag that they are a used equipment seller, not a true refurbishing and repair company. Without doing the work in-house, it may be difficult to get warranty work completed in the future should it be needed.

It will also limit your ability to know the quality control and the process used for the repairs and refurbishing. Without the confidence in the stated quality and condition of the equipment, it is difficult to justify the purchase, even at a very good price.

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