Purchasing Considerations With Used Gas Chromatography Equipment

There are many different types of testing requirements that utilize gas chromatography to vaporize compounds and provide an analysis of the various components. This is a fast, effective way to test materials without the need to use large amounts of sample. It is also highly accurate and able to detect even the smallest amounts of chemical compounds in the sample.

Many labs and testing facilities turn to used gas chromatography equipment over buying used. Pricing is often the biggest factor in this choice, with like-new quality refurbished or tested used equipment typically more than half the cost of the same model of equipment as a new system.
When considering any type of used gas chromatography, there are some basic guidelines or considerations to keep in mind. These are very similar to the considerations the lab would make with new gas chromatography equipment as well.


In most state-of-the-art labs a GC-MS or gas chromatography-mass spectrometry system will be required. This is important for advanced types of analytics both within the medical field as well as for analysis in other industries, including for environmental analysis and detection of unknown samples.

Different types of GC-MS equipment offer different features, functions, and applications. Reviewing the current needs of the lab and considering potential future needs will be important in selecting the best type of system.
Modular or Portable Systems

One of the latest advancements in gas chromatography equipment is to provide portable systems that are small and compact to be used across multiple locations. While smaller is size, these units do not compromise on functionality or testing ability.

Another new style available in used gas chromatography is the modular system. This includes a base unit that allows the lab to add different options in sample induction types as well as detectors for maximum flexibility.

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