Pros And Cons Of Hot Tubs VS Above Ground Pools In Dracut, MA

When considering adding an upgrade to a home the whole family can enjoy, many people decide on getting a hot tub or pool. Both of these options can not only add to your family’s comfort and enjoyment, but can also increase the market value and aesthetics of your home. Hot tubs and pools come in a couple different varieties, with each having unique downsides and benefits. If you would like to learn more about the pros and cons of these two additions, read on.

Hot tubs are smaller than most swimming pools, but are normally large enough to accommodate between four and eight people. They are filled with heated water which is treated similarly to swimming pool water for sanitation. There is built-in seating either in the form of a plain bench or ergonomic, contoured designs for more comfort. Hot tub varieties have built in jets, which use powerful blasts of water to massage the whole body. You can install a hot tub indoors, but most commonly, people elect to place them outside. This is great for those who live in cold climates, because the hot tub can still be enjoyed during winter months. Hot tubs are great for relaxing, relieving stress, and are therapeutic for those with chronic body pain or arthritis. While adults will enjoy the benefits of a hot tub, they are not as exciting for kids as Above Ground Pools.

Swimming pools are a bigger investment than a hot tub, but can accommodate many more people, and offer hours of summer fun for you and your children. You will need to commit more space to a swimming pool, so it is important to make sure you have the room and resources necessary for installing one. Depending on where you live, you may also need zoning clearances.

Many people get above ground pools in Dracut MA, because they are less expensive and do not require digging into and treating the ground before installation. Many times, they are incorporated into decking that has fencing and gates, which makes them safer for small children. In-ground pools are more expensive, but offer much more in the way of aesthetics. For this reason, they raise your property value more than Above Ground Pools in Dracut MA.
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