Choosing Between Concrete and Fiberglass Outdoor Swimming Pools in Kansas City

There is nothing more relaxing on a hot day than going for a swim. Many homeowners choose to have swimming pools installed in their backyards. When it comes to Outdoor Swimming Pools in Kansas City, the most popular types are concrete and fiberglass. There are many differences between these two pool materials, and understanding the pros and cons of each type will make it easier to choose the best model.

The Ease of Fiberglass

It takes time to install Outdoor Swimming Pools in Kansas City. Homeowners who want a pool installed as quickly as possible usually choose fiberglass models. Fiberglass pools are pre-made. The pool shell is shipped directly to the buyer, where it can be installed in just a few days. Most fiberglass pools are ready for use in a week. This is very enticing for those who are ready to go swimming as soon as possible.

Since fiberglass pools are pre-made, homeowners have limited options when it comes to choosing a pool shape or size. Fiberglass pools are very durable and easy to clean. The material resists algae growth. The surface is smooth and easy to wipe down with a pool brush. Fiberglass pools never need to be resurfaced, and they are the most affordable pools to maintain in the long run.

The Allure of Concrete

Homeowners who want a pool that is custom designed for their backyard should consider a concrete model. Unlike fiberglass, concrete pools can be created in any shape or size. They are ideal for people with oddly shaped backyards. Banks Blue Valley Pool & Spa Designs will help custom create a pool that will fit perfectly in the homeowner’s outdoor space.

Since they are made to order, concrete pools cost more money to install. However, they typically last much longer than other pool types. With proper care and maintenance, concrete pools will offer decades of enjoyment. Concrete pools require regular cleaning, as algae will grow on the porous surface. They must also be resurfaced every few years.

Both fiberglass and concrete pools can help transform an ordinary backyard into an outdoor resort. Be sure to browse the website to see examples of both types. Whether a homeowner wants the quick installation of fiberglass or the custom look of concrete, they are sure to get a pool they can enjoy for many years to come.

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