Three Tips For De-winterizing Your Pool For Pool Cleaning in Pearland

Before the pool can be opened for the summer and professionally cleaned, it must first be de-winterized. De-winterizing a pool simply means to prepare the pool or equip the pool for warmer weather. Consider these three tips for de-winterizing a pool for Pool Cleaning in Pearland.

Remove the Cover

Both in the ground and above ground pools should have covers on them during colder months. The pool cover must come off in order for the pool to be ready for use. Before physically removing the cover, grime, water, and debris must be removed from the cover. Use a sump pump to drain anything that is weighing the cover the down and making it difficult to remove. If a sump pump is not handy, a siphon will also do the trick. Once the cover is clean, have a few strong people assist in taking the cover off. After the cover has been removed, lay it out flat on the lawn and rinse it off with a hose. This will remove any excess dirt and keep the cover safe from a mildew or mold buildup. Next, allow the cover to air dry before sprinkling it with talcum powder and neatly folding it up.

Remove Winterizing Plugs

All winterizing plugs must be removed before undergoing pool cleaning in Pearland. Winterizing plugs are used during colder months and protect pool equipment from damage due to the snow and harsh temperatures. The pool will not work properly in warmer months if the winterizing plugs are still attached to the equipment. Make sure to replace every single winterizing plug with normal and correct in season plugs before hiring a professional to do pool cleaning in Pearland.

Reconnect Equipment

The filter, pump, heater, and automatic pool cleaner should be disconnected during the colder months. Before pool cleaning, these pieces of equipment will need to be properly reconnected. This also includes rails and ladders. Before reconnecting, make sure to lubricate equipment such as the rails and ladders. This will keep the equipment working properly and keep the equipment free of rust during the months the pool is in use.

Follow these three tips for de-winterizing your pool for Pool Cleaning in Pearland. If there happens to be any trouble determining what is needed before the first pool cleaning of the season, go to your professional pool cleaners website and click “contact us” to ask them any questions about the process of de-winterizing the pool.

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