Oil Suppliers in Cheltenham – Heating Oil Costs and Types

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Most properties in the United Kingdom are fitted with a central heating system nowadays. These systems are relied on throughout the colder months, because they provide heating and hot water to the home through a series of pipes. Much like the body needs fuel to work, heating systems require a constant supply of gas. Powered by the national gas grid, this gas heats up more than four million households. Homeowners with modern properties may require oil from oil suppliers in Cheltenham if they have an oil boiler fitted. Before you seek out a trader, learn the basics of domestic heating costs and types.

The Types of Heating Oil

Oil suppliers in Cheltenham will have a lot of customers purchasing oil for domestic needs. Gas and kerosene are the two most commonly used oils for home heating. Otherwise known as red diesel or 35-second oil, gas oil will likely be used in a traditional boiler. Gas oil is thicker than kerosene, which is also known as heating oil or 28-second oil. A cleaner and lighter option, it is an eco-conscious option and is the preferred choice for properties around the UK. The easiest way to find out what type of heating oil you require is to contact a plumber, who can inspect your system.

Haggling for a Good Price

The typical price per litre of heating oil is around 60 pence. Your location in the UK will affect this price and based on findings gathered by Oftec, a property with a fitted boiler would cost around £1,350 to heat annually. Getting the best price for heating oil is easy when you know what the average rates are, because you can avoid overspending when you are aware of current rates. Always read reviews for complaints before working with a supplier, and compare all of your quotes before paying up.

Bulk Oil Purchases

Did you know that you could save more money in the long-run if you buy heating oil in bulk from oil suppliers in Cheltenham? The more oil you order, the better the savings will be. According to the Citizens Advice Bureau, you could save 10 percent on your purchase if you join a heating oil buying group. An alternative choice is to gather at least 20 of your friends or family members together and form your own group. Click here for more information.

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