Why You Need Business Shredding Services For Confidentiality

If you have employees at your company who shred important business documents, you may want to reconsider the decision. Employee shredding of documents can be risky, and your important papers may be making the rounds at work. Another solution, that guarantees confidentiality, is contacting a company that performs Business Shredding Services. Read the questions and answers below to find out why you need this service more than you may think.

Q.) Why isn’t it safe for employees of a company to shred business documents?

A.) Some employees who shred company papers may read the confidential information on the documents and tell others. When this happens, the papers aren’t confidential anymore. If the employee who is shredding the documents leaves the room for a few minutes, another employee could come into the room and steal some of the documents. Documents such as business receipts, financial statements, employee data and computer reports are extremely classified information that shouldn’t be passed around the office.

Q.) How does a professional shredding service keep the documents confidential before shredding them?

A.) When professional shredding company employees come to your place of business, they lock their cart after collecting the materials from your business. After locking the cart, they take the documents out to the truck that shreds the materials. Because of the automation of the truck and the shredding process inside of the truck, the employees who work for the shredding company never see any of the documents.

Q.) Does the shredding company provide any records for the number of documents shredded?

A.) When the shredding company employees pick up the material to be shredded, it’s scanned with a bar code scanner. After the shredding process is finished, you’ll receive a certificate that lists how many pounds of documents were shredded by the Business Shredding Services.

To keep your important documents from getting into the wrong hands, contact Shred Confidential to destroy the documents for you. This experienced company will bring the mobile shredder to your place of business and, as you watch the video monitor on the shredding truck, you’ll be able to see first-hand the shredding of your documents. Visit Us for more info.

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