Choosing Between Prehung and Slab Exterior Entry Doors in Philadelphia, PA

Exterior Entry Doors Philadelphia PA, are passageways into a home or building. Since these doors allow exit or entry into a household, they are an integral part of a home’s security system. This movable structure also acts as an insulator and aesthetic enhancer. An exterior entry door can be prehung or slab. The type you buy depends on many factors, including your ability to work with wood and your budget. It also depends on how simple you want the installation to be and the appearance of the door. Use the following guidelines to make this decision.

A prehung door is comprised of three main parts: the door, the frame, and the hardware. It’s an independent unit. If you stand a prehung door upright, it can open and close without being put into a home or building. These doors can cost a bit more than slab doors since they are already installed into their frames. If you want an easier installation, you may want to opt for this door. When you don’t have an existing door frame, it’s a good idea to use a prehung door. Since these Entry Doors in Philadelphia, are exterior doors, using a prehung door will offer you a tight fit between the jamb of the frame and the edge of the door. This will give provide weatherproofing and security for your home.

A slab door is a rectangular piece of material such as steel or wood. A slab door is not attached to a frame nor does it have hinges. A slab door may or may not have holes cut for the door knob, key, and lock. These doors may or may not be  painted or finished. You can finish them as you want. They are not very heavy, but can be difficult to install. If it’s difficult for you to carry or work with a prehung door, a slab door offers a lightweight option.

There are benefits and drawbacks to installing either type of door. Knowing your level of skill with woodworking will play a big role in your decision. Whichever you choose, remember to fashion your door to complement your tastes and the exterior of your home. For more information on these doors, please visit Website Domain.

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