Obtaining A Dry Basement in Cambridge MA

When someone notices their basement is quite humid, they may find moisture builds up in the area. This could lead to mold, mildew, and pest invasions. Having a dry basement in Cambridge MA is desired to avoid these scenarios. There are several steps one can take in getting their basement to become drier, leading to less risk of damage as a result.

It is a good idea to call a waterproofing contractor to do an evaluation of the basement to find out where moisture is prevalent. They can then recommend an appropriate action in drying out the floor so it is no longer a problem.

One way to remove moisture in a basement is with the use of a dehumidifying unit. This can be plugged in and left to run in the space to help grab moisture from the air. There are several models and styles available on the market to choose from. A waterproofing service would be able to make recommendations on a great unit to handle the moisture content effectively.

Some homeowners will have vapor barriers installed in the basement walls. The contractor would remove the drywall and cover the insulation with plastic sheeting. New pieces of drywall would then be installed. The plastic would help keep moisture from the outside from making its way into the room altogether. This is usually done in conjunction with an evaluation of the foundation walls. If there are cracks present, they will need to be filled in to help keep moisture on the exterior of the building.

Placing a sump pump in the basement is also effective in removing large amounts of moisture from the floor area. These will pump the water to the outside of the home, helping to keep floors from becoming damaged if water problems are recurrent.

If someone wishes to find ways to get a Dry Basement in Cambridge MA, an evaluation of the area can be done by a professional waterproofing service. Click here to find out more about a reliable service as well as information about the waterproofing methods they use to keep the area dry.

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